Monday, May 19, 2008

I made this!!!

So recently I was asked to display some sketch book stuff, but as much as I've tried, I can't seem to keep a sketch book! Yeah, yeah, I know I should keep one with me at all times and sleep with it tucked under my pillow and all that lame stuff, but I can't force a sketch! There, that's my secret! My drawings are lightning in a bottle, one shot deals. I draw what I like and when I like, unfortunately 99% of these happen to be on random pieces of stationary that are nearby. And that's where the "Wall O' Shame" comes in. I just tape these suckers onto my wall, and after a while some even become paintings! And that's my process. The End.

Dancing with Death!

Here is a watercolor I did for an international cartoon contest, the theme was "Dance." I lost.

I Pity Da Foo!!

Here's another Munny that has been converted into a childhood hero of mine, Mr.T! This one was a straight shoot and required no additional sculpting, just a simple paint application.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

How to customize a Munny: Step 1

Well you can pick up your very own standard Munny Doll at some novelty shops. I've gone to Urban Outfitters actually for these guys. Anyhow, you could just dive into it and start painting directly on the Munny, but for this project I decided to do Tinker Bell and decided it would be best to add some pixie features using paper clay.

Step 2

Once the paper clay has dried it's time to start applying the base coats for the paint job.

Step 3

Using a rubber mold I made, I cast clear resin with a tint of blue and some sweet pixie dust for Tinker Bell's wings.

Step 4

Put it all together and, Viola!!!! Now you have a punk rock Tink!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Charlie Mingus

This here is a painting I did for one of my sweetest doggs ever! He's a big fan of jazz and in particular, Charles Mingus. It sometimes gets a bit difficult making certain people fit my moDiD style, but I think I pulled it off pretty nicely. I also had fun with this one because I strayed from my usual style of painting and just did an outline.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Prairie Homesick

This here is a pretty old piece, probably over five years old. In fact I think it might be the first painting I did using my moDiD alias. So here you have it kids, my tribute to the Lone Ranger and Tonto, the original dynamic duo! *Did you know: that the Lone Rangers mask was fashioned from his recently deceased brothers vest! In fact, Tonto was the one that made it all the while the Lone Ranger recuperated from the ambush by the Cavendish Gang. Rumor has it that Tonto will be joining the cast of next seasons Project Runway!

8-Bit Weapon

So here is a piece of fan art I did for a band called 8-Bit weapon. It's one of my few attempts at using the computer as a tool...personally, I like paint getting under my nails. Anyhow, I think it turned out pretty cool.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

"A Micro Victory Within A Bad Situation"

Well, this is as close as I'll ever get to making an abstract piece. However, if you're familiar with one of the sweetest games Nintendo has ever made, you'll recognize this as the world map to The Legend Of Zelda. This is perhaps the most time consuming painting I've done, thanks in part to my obsessive compulsive behavior. I've made sure that the map is accurate and able to use as reference, including where to buy all the items and how much they cost, warps and hidden items! I started painting this as accurate as possible, in that I was using a straight edge and making things look blocky and 8-bit. But that quickly became tedious and I realized that there would be no point in an exact reproduction, so I took liberties and added some paint drips, a billowing forest fire, a few hidden messages and made rows of trees a little off, so as not to look too exact. In the end, I had a lot of fun painting this, but my eyes hurt something fierce. Well anyway, enjoy! Oh yeah, I titled this painting, "A Micro Victory Within A Bad Situation."

A Closer Look

So here is a closer look at some of the detail.

Super Close Up Detail

Just as a size reference, the opening to the castle is about the size of a pencil sucks painting that small!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Self Portait

I can't take credit for this clever pic. My friend was trying to get a shot of me and I used my painting as a shield...duh! Anyhow, it turned out pretty cool looking, as if I meant to do it on purpose. A bit of info on the painting, this is a self portrait of me when I was 18! Yikes, 10 years ago!!!! Anyway, it was my very first attempt using acrylics and I managed to get an award for it in school, so yay!! Also, it's quiet obvious I went for the "Morrissey Album Cover" look.

He's no good to me dead!

As some of you may know by now, I have a serious Boba Fettish. What can I say, the dude's a bad ass! Here's another stencil that I rocked!

Darth Vader Tee

Here's a shirt design I made for a friend, I like making shirts too.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Here's a slideshow, it shows way more detail. Enjoy!">" border="0" alt="" />

My first Post! Yay!!!

So here it is kids, my very first post! I decided to start off with a piece I made for a winter themed art show. The title of it was "How To Disappear Completely." It actually had a variant title, but it was way too wordy for me to remember. Oh well!