Monday, May 19, 2008

I made this!!!

So recently I was asked to display some sketch book stuff, but as much as I've tried, I can't seem to keep a sketch book! Yeah, yeah, I know I should keep one with me at all times and sleep with it tucked under my pillow and all that lame stuff, but I can't force a sketch! There, that's my secret! My drawings are lightning in a bottle, one shot deals. I draw what I like and when I like, unfortunately 99% of these happen to be on random pieces of stationary that are nearby. And that's where the "Wall O' Shame" comes in. I just tape these suckers onto my wall, and after a while some even become paintings! And that's my process. The End.

Dancing with Death!

Here is a watercolor I did for an international cartoon contest, the theme was "Dance." I lost.

I Pity Da Foo!!

Here's another Munny that has been converted into a childhood hero of mine, Mr.T! This one was a straight shoot and required no additional sculpting, just a simple paint application.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

How to customize a Munny: Step 1

Well you can pick up your very own standard Munny Doll at some novelty shops. I've gone to Urban Outfitters actually for these guys. Anyhow, you could just dive into it and start painting directly on the Munny, but for this project I decided to do Tinker Bell and decided it would be best to add some pixie features using paper clay.

Step 2

Once the paper clay has dried it's time to start applying the base coats for the paint job.

Step 3

Using a rubber mold I made, I cast clear resin with a tint of blue and some sweet pixie dust for Tinker Bell's wings.

Step 4

Put it all together and, Viola!!!! Now you have a punk rock Tink!!